Unexpected Flavors

After doing some browsing on Pinterest for fun things to bake, I came across a bunch of cake recipes that weren't your typical chocolate, vanilla, etc. These cakes were paired with equally unexpected flavors of frosting. I've never tried baking with super adventurous flavors (the only time I ever did was when I made a Pink Champagne Cake), so I'm interested in trying a few of these to see what they taste like!

Double Chocolate Espresso Pound Cake with Rose-Scented Cream Cheese Frosting (link)

Chocolate & Whiskey Cake (link)

Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream (link)

Lavender Honey Cupcakes (link)

Coffee and Walnut Battenburg Cake (link)


  1. these all sound sooo amazing!!! I'm so in love with lavender these days, so I'm totally wanting to have some of those lavender honey cupcakes, they sound amazing! mmmm!


    p.s. your blog is darling!

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  2. This is such a lovely post. The photography is so inviting. Makes me hungry! :D

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  3. best post everrrr. it was so neat hearing of all these cool combos you can make- i'm definitely not that creative with my baking. gotta start expanding my horizons! i really like the black tea one, that sounds so delicious.

    xo marlen
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