Pinterest Craft/Fall Break

FINALLY! Fall break! I'm off of school through Tuesday which means that I can finally take a break! Much needed with the balancing act of a 21 hour semester and my wonderful RA job. My first day of break and I've already done a craft! Here's my insta pic of it:

Cute, right?! I'm going to make another one, but with much better quality. Comment and let me know if y'all would like a tutorial on how I did this! (inspiration taken from For Chic Sake)

My goals for this break are to do some crafts (all of which I will be instagramming), do more food photography, run everyday (which is what I'm about to do after I post this), blog more, and relax. Two seriously stressful weeks and a lot of junk food later, I'm ready to take a break from my responsibilities and focus on my blog! I miss posting on here and reading other blogs and all the love and support from y'all!

That being said, I'm going to go for a short run, catch up on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 7, and get pumped up for watching my Horned Frogs play against Iowa tomorrow! GO TCU! Riff Ram Bah Zoo! :)



  1. Whenever I have a break, I spend most of my time doing crafts! Bahaha. Maybe I should also do some running on my breaks too...