Hello World!

So here it goes. The first blog post!

I'm Neha. I can see it now. If you've never heard the name before, you're staring at it going

Nee-uh? Nea? Nee-ha?

No, no. More like nay-ha. Say it with me. naaayyhaaa. Good! You've got it! I am now confident that if you ever happen to meet another Neha, you will impress them with your skills when you pronounce her name right. (You can even go the extra mile by sharing that you know that it means "love" in Hindi!) Woohoo! :)

So moving on, I'm a twenty-something photographer in Fort Worth, TX. I go to the greatest school out there, Texas Christian University, where I am a Resident Assistant and a soon-to-be graduate. I love my state, I love my school, I love my job, and I love my major. Aside from all that, I am also quite the crazy craft lady. I love anything DIY and I have recently become quite the fan of cooking/baking. (I have Pinterest to thank for all that!)

What is this blog about? I will use it to highlight my photography (I'm actually going out to shoot today!) as well as my Pinterest adventures. Also, I want to highlight some of the fab places around Fort Worth should you ever come through here (and if you already live here, there will be some places to check out if you haven't already!).

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it! Get ready for some photography, DIY/crafts + tutorials, foodie goodness, and a healthy dose of Texas lovin'. Happy Friday, y'all! :)


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