The Black Rooster Bakery + Chocolat

On Thursday, I decided to go to the Black Rooster Bakery for breakfast before meeting up with some friends at TCU.  That morning, Southern Living Magazine was doing a photoshoot there! How exciting!
I got there at around 9:30am and walked into the bakery and just inhaled the delicious air. My stomach is growling just thinking about! All the fresh pastries looked equally amazing from the Pecan Cinnamon Rolls (my personal favorite!) to the lovely galettes! I decided to try something new and went with the French Toast Muffin. After getting that, heating it up in their microwave, and getting a cup of their delicious fair trade organic coffee (which was free that morning! I love free!), I went outside to eat it while I read a book. It was hard being patient while I took my own photos of my tasty breakfast.

The top of the muffin was covered in these amazing little bite size pieces of brioche bread. I love pulling off the little chunks and popping them into my mouth. Super messy, but another customer and I both agreed that that's the best way to eat it! Every little bite was perfect and just as sweet as it needed to be. It was melt-in-your-mouth good and the perfect balance between crunchy and soft. I only finished about half of it before I went inside to get out of the heat and enjoy some more of it in the air conditioning. I kept eyeing those fabulous pecan cinnamon rolls that were calling my name. So.... I gave in. I figured it would be nice to bring home and share it with my parents (okay, okay... you caught me... it was my sneaky plan so I could eat some of it too..). Another cup of coffee and another pastry later and I still had some time to kill. So I decided to chat it up with some of the lovely people around me. I got to meet a friendly French teacher who is actually French! He said that the bakery was the best French bakery he had ever been to in the States! I also got to talk to Southern Living Mag's photographer and another really sweet, fabulous lady. I love meeting new people. Even if you never see them again, it's so great to talk to someone new and hear a little piece of their story. It absolutely made my morning!


I hope I'm not making y'all TOO hungry with all these pictures! (& thanks to Pugly Pixel for the photo layout I used above!) I would have snapped a few pics of that pecan roll, but my parents were all over that when I got home! That's okay, though. I still had the rest of that fab muffin to finish!

Speaking of sweet things, I just picked up two new books yesterday! I got Chocolat and its sequel, The Girl With No Shadow by Joanne Harris. Chocolat is one of my favorite movies and soundtracks, which I am currently listening to while I write this. If you're curious to know what it's about, here is a review and description on Amazon.

Long story short, I seriously recommend the Black Rooster Bakery in Fort Worth. Check out the website and read a little bit about the bakery and how they make the bread! You and your tummy won't regret visiting them! Happy Saturday, folks! :)


  1. I first tried them last year and loved it! My friend, Colleen (who now works there) brought me and it was DELICIOUS! Their bread is super yummy! :)

  2. Your photography is wonderful! your comments about The Black Rooster Bakery are as delicious as the food. Thanks for your comments and I am looking forward to seeing more of your photography. Maribeth

  3. Hi Neha! Thanks for visiting A Creative Cookie and leaving a nice comment! I love your blog - what a CUTE design! I'm following back. :) Hope you had a great 4th of July!


  4. holy smokes now this is my kinda muffin! yikes it looks divine! It sort of reminds me of monkey bread--just mini size ha. Which if you're ever looking for a great monkey bread recipe Pioneer Woman has a great one (and super easy!)

    Lovin you're cute blog--look forward to following your pins! :-)


  5. Hi Neha,

    Need to talk to you about your fabulous photography! Your Black Rooster Bakery photos are crisp and delightful. You have my card. Please call me. Thanks. Maribeth