Time Flies!

I can't. They go too fast.

(high five if you get the joke. I have Dr. Fort to thank for that.)

So, I have done a superb job of neglecting this blog this semester. My last semester of college was a whirlwind of stress, emotions, and success. I had two gallery shows, one of which was in an art truck at one of Fort Worth's fine food truck parks, and that's where most of my time and energy went. I graduated with my BFA in Photography and it feels so weird to have a degree now. Like I can frame it and look at it. It's official! A lot of hard work, time, & effort, blood, sweat, & tears went into getting to this point, but it's oh so worth it in the end! These are a few of the photos from my shows:

Over the last couple months, I narrowed down what field of photography I want to work in and found that live music/concert photography is what makes my heart sing (no pun intended). After shooting at a couple shows, I knew that that's what I would want to do with my life. Now is the perfect time to do it since I have nothing to tie me down to any one location. If Justin Timberlake showed up in front of my house in a tour bus and told me to get in and bring my camera with me on tour, I WOULD. This isn't the most practical career for people who have significant others, children, pet children, etc., so why not do it while I can?!

My goal is to try and bring this blog back to life. I'm going to be posting more, taking more pictures, going to more concerts, and cooking up new recipes for everyone to love. I'll also be posting about my job hunt adventures. So far, emails have been sent out and I'm twiddling my thumbs whilst I wait for responses. It's nerve-wracking, but I guess this is part of being in the real world!

On a completely different note, here are some awesome free finds I discovered during move out! I'm obsessed with these.

How fun is this tribal print?! I'm planning on turning this into a camera bag!

You can never have too many TCU things around the house. Go Frogs!


  1. Okay, first congratulations! !!!! Second, I am in love with this post! I love both sets of photographs..... but, especially the concert photos! Great work!!! And nice score. Glad you're back. .... will you be going to wildfLower festival in Plano yhis weekend?